This two-hour New Horizons GIST presentation was recorded live in May 2021. Hosted by SPAEN (Sarcoma Patients EuroNet Association), this presentation focuses on mutational testing in GIST as a guide for the right therapy.

Recordings and pdfs are available:


Introduction to the topic of Mutational Analysis

Mutation and Mutational Analysis in GIST

GIST-Pathologist: Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, USA
– What is the role of a pathologist in the interdisciplinary GIST team?
– How do GISTs arise genetically / biologically?
– What types of mutations are there in GIST?
– Closer look on mutations in KIT/PDGFRA?
– What is the difference between primary and secondary mutations?
– Does the mutation have an impact on the course of the disease / prognosis?

GIST-Pathologist: Eva Wardelmann, GER
– In simple steps: How does such a mutational analysis work?
– Costs, time and efforts of mutational analysis?
– What role does/can liquid biopsy play in GIST?
– What do we know about rare mutations – not localized in KIT or PDGFRA?
Key Notes Impact of mutations in clinical practice

GIST-Expert/-Oncologist: Rashmi Chugh, USA
The influence of the mutation result on the choice of therapy
– In which cases do primary mutations guide the choice of therapy?
– What role do secondary mutations play in therapy decision?
– What about treatment option for specific, very rare mutations, such as BRAF, SDH- or NTRK?
GIST-Expert/-Oncologist: Peter Reichardt, GER
Patient cases with rare mutations in which the quality of therapy management has made a clear difference?
Experiences with mutational analysis

Country Presentations
– Canada
– Chile
– India
– The Netherlands
– Germany

Please find all recordings of the sessions on our SPAEN website: