Coping with GIST

How To S.T.O.P. Caregiver Burnout

According to a 2015 report by the  National Alliance of Caregivers, approximately 43.5 million adults in the United States provided unpaid care to an adult or child in 2015. Caregivers come from diverse demographic [...]

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Regorafenib-Related Hand-Foot Skin Reaction

A recent comprehensive review of the literature of the PubMed database and of the clinical experiences of oncologists and dermatologists concerning patients with regorafenib (Stivarga) related hand-foot skin reaction (HFSR) was published in the [...]

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Dr. Monica Anderson: Inspirational Survivor

updated 1/20/21 Dr. mOe is an author, survivor, and dynamic mOe-tivational speaker. Diagnosed with GIST in 2012, Dr. mOe believes that God does not waste wounds. She is a freelance journalist, coach, mentor, [...]

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Virtual roundtable about GIST with Jerry Call

Jerry Call, Science Director On Wednesday, September 17, the Life Raft Group hosted “Virtual Roundtable with Jerry Call,” the second session in its Virtual Roundtable series. The live Q&A with the LRG [...]

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Meditation Can Be a Powerful Tool for Relieving Anxiety for Cancer Patients

Meditation has been used for centuries to relax the body and calm the mind. For cancer patients, it can be a powerful tool to help alleviate the fears and anxieties that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

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Resources For Cancer Patients And Caregivers

Comprehensive resources for cancer patients and caregivers can be found on Patient Resource’s website. This is valuable information, not only for GIST patients, but also for those who may have friends and loved ones with other diagnoses.

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