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1 02, 2011

D842V Gets Its Moment in the Spotlight

By |2018-06-12T11:11:01-04:00February 1st, 2011|D842V, News, Patient Registry|

The Gleevec for GIST story continues to remain one of the most successful stories in oncology. What could be better than a drug that works in 85 percent of patients? As great as this story is, there is room for improvement. Half of the patients on Gleevec for metastatic disease will progress in the first two years and 15 percent of patients are resistant to Gleevec right away or within the first six months of treatment. AROG Pharmaceuticals may have an option for a few of those patients.

6 01, 2011

New Treatments of D842V Mutations

By |2019-04-03T12:02:19-04:00January 6th, 2011|Clinical Trials, D842V, Diagnosis, Mutational Testing, Mutations, News, Research|

 UPDATE - January 6th, 2011 by Jerry Call, LRG Science Coordinator The first ever clinical trial specifically for the PDGFRA D842V mutation has been announced by Arog pharmaceuticals. The phase II trial is scheduled [...]

19 04, 2023

NCCN GIST Guidelines 2023 – What You Need to Know as a GIST Patient

By |2023-06-04T12:00:20-04:00April 19th, 2023|Advocacy, News, Patient Support|

NCCN recently updated the clinical practice guidelines in oncology for medical professionals for several types of cancer including GIST. These guidelines are a set of evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various types of cancer and define the recommendations for management, care, and treatment of all cancers in the US. What do you need to know?

30 07, 2021

Actualización realizada por dos prestigiosos especialistas internacionales en GIST

By |2021-07-30T11:03:57-04:00July 30th, 2021|Global, News, Research|

Publicado por Colectivo GIST España - Concluimos el mes dedicado a la concienciación del sarcoma & GIST publicando una actualización del tratamiento para los tumores GIST avanzados.

18 09, 2020

New Horizons GIST 2020

By |2020-09-18T11:27:11-04:00September 18th, 2020|Advocacy, Global, News|

The New Horizons GIST 2020 Virtual Meeting kicked off on Thursday September 10th at 8am EST. Meeting since 2003, these patient advocates for various cancers split off to a GIST-only meeting several years ago. This year’s meeting, originally planned for Berlin, Germany, was held virtually September 10-12th.

30 06, 2020

Blueprint Medicines Announces Publication in The Lancet Oncology

By |2020-06-30T11:57:14-04:00June 30th, 2020|Ayvakit, Clinical Trials, News|

Blueprint Medicines Announces Publication in The Lancet Oncology Showing Durable Clinical Benefits of AYVAKIT™ (avapritinib) in NAVIGATOR Trial Patients with PDGFRA D842V Mutant GIST.

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